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Together with Mazzini, these leaders persuaded Fuller that utopia was no fiction, but rather an ongoing pursuit in which she could take part.

As More himself did in his Utopia , Fuller adapted her knowledge of classical Rome to suit her present purposes. Etymologically, radicalism speaks of transformation from the ground up, of first things at the roots of knowledge and growth.

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This transplanter of growing ideas is also Fuller herself. Brook Farm residents were assigned specific tasks, but Fruitlands adherents were encouraged to follow their inclinations, which led to little actual productivity. Rome has long stood at the center of human history, but this particular moment, Fuller feels, surpasses all the rest.

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During these five months, the principles that she and others have sown actually spring into practice. Fuller looks ahead into a euchronic future while turning her gaze westward to the newly promising territory of America. From transatlantic roots, she gives us a vision of global transformation Fuller to William Henry Channing, 25 and 28 October , in Letters 2: How odd it seemed that Fuller would turn this familiar transit from hoping to knowing on its head, seeking radical innocence after so much Transcendental experience.

I would like to suggest that within the framework of the Atlantic world, such reversals of terms should not be as surprising as they seem.

In conceptualizing utopianism as a distinctly Atlantic practice, I would argue that transatlanticism, or Atlantic thinking, is also a profoundly creative and hopeful process. Viens, and Conrad Edick Wright, eds. Argersinger and Phyllis Cole, ed. Spiller and Alfred R. Ferguson, eds.

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