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In typical Boulder fashion, the event is staged at a hippie brewpub where they only take cash, the tips are pooled and they serve tempeh reubens under a mural of a meditating woman who is feeding deer while sitting in the lap of a dragon.

The likely successor of his congressional seat, Joe Neguse, speaks with voters a few feet away. For the past three days, Polis and his bus — a big, blue Gray Line that idles outside — have been in Alamosa, Durango and Grand Junction.

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Polis is running ahead of his Republican opponent — recent numbers have him up seven-to points. But, Polis is a businessman, a massively wealthy entrepreneur who you may have bought flowers from at some point.

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He often returns to talking points: universal healthcare, free full-day preschool and kindergarten and a state run on renewable energy by The scion of complicated conservative Colorado royalty , his website contains a smattering of resentful platitudes. The current State Treasurer does love guns and oil, though. His campaign did not reply to repeated requests for comment for this piece.

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Michael Fields, executive director of Colorado Rising Action, a conservative political action group, echoes this point when reached by Rolling Stone. Cory Gardner beat an incumbent senator in because he was a good, smart candidate.

Texas: Republican powerhouse could shift to Democrats as demographics change

Bush twice , Bob Dole and Bill Clinton for president. John Hickenlooper tells Rolling Stone.


But the most frequently used term among the three is swing state , which seems to have gained traction during the politically tumultuous s. The term underscores the drama of a close election, whose outcome can remain uncertain until the polls close.

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Famously close presidential contests Kennedy—Nixon in ; Bush—Gore in have been determined by how a handful of swing states ultimately voted. Although all three terms can be used interchangeably, they describe the drama of closely contested elections from distinctly different angles.

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Through her he is descended from Sam Houston, who in became the first president of the Republic of Texas. But it was surprisingly close. In his lead was cut to 19 points. Last year it was sliced to only five points.

The district is now widely viewed as one of the most competitive in the country and Olson will not be on the ballot in He is one of four Texas Republican representatives in the space of less than two weeks who recently announced their retirements, including Will Hurd, the only black Republican in the House.

That three of them are in competitive districts adds fuel to Democratic hopes that Texas and its 38 electoral college votes, second only to California, will become a battleground state in local, state and presidential elections after decades as a Republican fortress.