e-book Accelerator Driven Subcritical Reactors (Series in Fundamental and Applied Nuclear Physics)

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Enhancing Sustainability of Natural Gas Extraction Via Technological Innovations in Wastewater Management New developing technologies and integrated systems could dramatically reduce the amount of water needed in the natural gas extraction process. Argonne Joins New Research Center Led by University of Illinois System The new research center will accelerate the groundbreaking innovation that drives progress and economic growth. Science Highlights. Microbes are Metabolic Specialists Learn More. Location, Location, Location… How charge placement can control a self-assembled structure.

This book aims to contribute to planning countermeasures against nuclear disasters in the future.


It will be of particular interest to governmental officials who are engaged with the Fukushima nuclear accident; researchers, including those in international sectors, who are interested in radiological issues; and those who need comprehensive and reliable information about the Fukushima accident. This publication reflects recent research activities undertaken to identify of important nuclear forensics signatures, facilitate their accurate measurement and prediction, elucidate the controls over the incorporation and persistence of nuclear forensic signatures across the nuclear fuel cycle, and advance how signatures can be used as part of a nuclear forensic examination to support law enforcement investigations or nuclear security vulnerability assessments.

A priority was resolving geologic signatures of uranium ores and ore concentrates from nuclear fuel cycle processing signatures in nuclear fuels and irradiated materials. The results published here may assist in the development of an identification scheme for nuclear and other radioactive materials incorporating knowledge bases utilized by subject matter experts SMEs. The findings from the CRP complement additional results included here derivative from individual nuclear forensic research contracts with investigators from the Russian Federation.

This publication hopes to inform awareness and understanding of nuclear forensics as well as the importance of the science of signatures as they contribute to robust nuclear forensic findings. The SDGs are ambitious and include ending poverty and hunger, achieving gender equality, and reducing inequality.

This report is about a very complex and fast-changing world, it is about our children, our food, our air, our cities, our oceans. It is about trade, migration, crime, education, work and justice. The sources of contamination are various. The most important sources for radionuclide release include global fallout from nuclear testing, nuclear and radiological accidents, waste production from nuclear facilities, and activities involving naturally occurring radioactive material NORM.

Contamination of the environment by heavy metals mainly originates from industrial applications and mineralogical background concentration.

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Contamination of sites by radionuclides and heavy metals can present a risk to people and the environment. Therefore, the estimation of the contamination level and the identification of the source constitute important information for the national authorities with the responsibility to protect people and the environment from adverse health effects.

In situ analytical techniques based on nuclear spectrometry are important tools for the characterization of contaminated sites. If for any reason your order is not available to ship, you will not be charged. Your order is also backed by our In-Stock Guarantee! Since we launched in , Biblio has remained committed to preserving our natural resources and environment and helping to reduce the adverse factors that contribute to pollution and the climate crisis.

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Accelerator-driven systems for nuclear energy – CERN Courier

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